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YASMIN ROBERTS MEMORIAL LECTURE: On Depth and Deepening in Psychoanalysis

Austen Riggs Center

25 Main St Large Conference Room
Stockbridge 01262
May 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Friday Night Guest Lecture

Lucy LaFarge, M.D., has a private practice as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. A Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell as well as a TA at Columbia, she has taught the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at the Analytic Center and in the Payne Whitney Residency for many years. She has published widely on such topics as concepts of narcissism, analytic listening, revenge, forgiveness, and screen memory. Dr. LaFarge has served on the editorial boards of JAPA, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, and The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, where she currently serves as Editor for North America.

The metaphor of depth has most often been used in analytic thinking to denote extension in space or time. Depth, and its companion term, deepening, may also be used to describe quality rather than distance; something is deep when it is serious or important. The deepening of analysis is linked to temporality but not in a linear way. Analysis deepens as it sets in motion a series of changes in the experience of time: The past comes alive and is worked through. Past and present come into a new relation with one another. The analytic frame and the rhythm of the exchange between patient and analyst also bring to life past experiences and fantasies to do with time. Both patient and analyst must enter a fluid time-state in order for deepening to occur.  Clinical examples illustrate these dimensions of temporal experience and the way they emerge in the deepening analytic process.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - At the conclusion of the event the participants will be able to:
1. Observe the alterations in the experience of time that mark the deepening of the analytic process for both analyst and patient.
2. Observe impediments to these alterations that may arise from the side of either analyst or patient.
3. Discuss the further shifts in temporal experience that accompany the termination of analysis.

This presentation is designed for mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, with no regular registration fee.


No registration required. For more information contact Alicia Zaludova at 413-931-5230.

2 hours
Intended Audience: