Biopsychosocial Advocacy Strategic Initiative

The Biopsychosocial Advocacy Strategic Initiative is intended to influence the field in three ways:

  1. Clinical advocacy for the importance of psychotherapy and other psychosocial treatments as central parts of psychiatric practice and training within a biopsychosocial model.
  2. Social policy advocacy for full implementation of the parity law, including careful review of the ethics of psychiatrist utilization reviews for insurance companies that are based on standards that do not comply with the parity law.
  3. Funding advocacy for a shift in NIMH research funding from its current “either/or” focus emphasizing brain and biology research linked to biomarkers to a “both/and” strategy that restores meaningful access to funding for research into clinical treatment methods, especially psychotherapy research.


Eric M. Plakun, MD, DLFAPA, FACPsych, Associate Medical Director, Director of Biopsychosocial Advocacy, and Initiative Leader