Erikson Institute

Research Internship

For a number of years, the Erikson Institute has offered an opportunity for undergraduate students to take part in a summer Research Internship Program. The focus of the internship is on research related to psychodynamic constructs. Start/end dates are negotiable to accommodate the applicant’s scholastic schedule. Weekly hours worked are flexible and can be determined per the applicant's availability. 

Research Interns work on projects with members of Riggs clinical staff and under the overall supervision of the Manager of Institutional Research. Projects may include research and inventory with archival medical materials; literature searches; writing scientific/medical research summaries; and data analysis. Interns may chose to work on several research projects or to commit to a single study. Interns may also be invited to present findings at professional meetings that encourage student involvement. 

Summer 2015 Internship Opportunity 

2015 is a year of both review and renewal in our research program. This provides an opportunity for Interns to work both with archival clinical materials and in the growth of new research projects. Interns are likely to work on multiple projects. Current projects include the following: more are likely to be added in early 2015. 

  • How do baseline personality factors impact a patient’s response to treatment?
  • The nature of the treatment impasse in psychotherapy consultations
  • Defining treatment resistance: Building a taxonomy for a complex term 
  • Long term impact of the Riggs treatment on individual mood
  • Riggs research and social media: communicating our clinical findings to the world
  • The Riggs Clinical Archive: De-identifying early/mid-20th century case materials
  • Understanding the patient perspective on research

Duration: The weekly hours to be worked, and the start/end dates of the Internship, are negotiable per the applicant’s availability and scholastic schedule.

Eligibility:  Pre-medical, psychology or neuroscience focus preferred, but other applicants welcome. 

Terms:  Research Internships are unpaid. No stipend, accommodation or housing is provided. Students should have access to transportation during the internship.

Anticipated Benefits:  Gaining insight into how medical research projects are conducted, the processes of medical research administration, and into daily life and operations at a world-class psychiatric hospital.

How to Apply: Download the Internship Application Form (see below) and submit with supporting materials as outlined in the form to Tamara Cloutier, Austen Riggs Center, 25 Main St., Box 962, Stockbridge, MA, 01262, [413] 931.5301. Applications for the 2015 summer internship are due by February 28, 2015. 


  1. The Austen Riggs Center is a working residential psychiatric hospital. The Intern’s interface with this aspect of Riggs will be limited to that directly related to research duties, but the Intern will be expected to respect the privacy of the patient community and clinical operations. 
  2. Research Interns will undergo background screening prior to employment, and will be required to sign a Data Sharing Agreement for the purposes of working with sensitive clinical material. 
  3. From time to time, opportunities for Internships outside of the summer months may arise. 

Specific Questions About Intern Research Projects? Contact Kim Hunter-Schaedle, PhD, Manager of Institutional Research, the Austen Riggs Center: