Nursing serviceMembers of the nursing staff provide round-the-clock support. Each patient has a nursing care coordinator who offers understanding and guidance in managing daily life at Riggs. Nurses offer education and assistance with medication management, assessment and intervention in crises, and encouragement in developing relationships with others. Patients use their relationships with nursing staff in many different ways – to help bear difficult feelings, to recognize and change repetitive, self-defeating patterns of behavior, or to manage personal space and hygiene. Because nursing staff members get to know patients so well, they are often the first to notice when someone is becoming distressed and can intervene flexibly to prevent or respond to crises. Equally important, they are available informally, at meals and coffee hours and in common areas between meetings, fostering a relaxed and welcoming environment at the Inn and Community Center. In addition to acting as patient advocates, nursing staff members are participants in the Therapeutic Community Program and, like all staff, work in a partnership with patients to help create a safe therapeutic environment. 

Patient and Nurse Relationship (Video)

Nursing Care Coordinator (Video)