Erikson Institute

Education & Training


The education and training programs of the Erikson Institute offer many opportunities for learning and application of psychodynamic thought and treatment. From post-doctoral Fellowships, elective rotations, and research internships to continuing education through conferences and presentations, the Erikson Institute provides an array of learning programs, all directed toward an integrated bio-psycho-social understanding of the troubled person and their familial and social contexts.

Fellowships for Psychiatrists and Psychologists The Austen Riggs Center is committed to the education of future generations of psychiatrists and psychologists in the values and skills of psychodynamic thought and treatment. To accomplish this part of its mission, Riggs, through its Erikson Institute, offers post-graduate Fellowships for psychiatrists and psychologists.

Elective in Psychodynamic Psychiatry This program is designed to provide medical students with an understanding of how psychodynamic thinking can illuminate not only individual psychology, but also group life and other aspects of psychiatric practice, such as medication responsiveness.  Other professionals in training may qualify for this elective rotation as well.

Summer Research Internships available.