A core belief behind the successful functioning of our therapeutic community is that everyone has something to offer and something to gain by participating. In this spirit of learning, we plan to launch two online communities in the near future. These protected, member-only communities--one for mental health professionals and the other for ARC Alumni--will feature blogs and discussions, special videos and resources, previews of and registration for upcoming educational programs and events, and more. Sign up for an invitation to join when we launch.

Clinician Community

We are fortunate to have gleaned vast amounts of data to learn from within our therapeutic milieu, where individual psychotherapy and family work is integrated with the study of the interaction between patient and institutional dynamics. If you are intrigued with the ideas and psychodynamic principles we value, we hope you'll join us online in our community, or perhaps at one of our networking or educational events featured in our calendar. There's a place for dynamic thinking, whether you practice in a busy clinic, a relatively isolated outpatient/private office, or other inpatient, partial hospital or residential settings.

Austen Riggs Alumni Community 

The Austen Riggs Center Alumni Association--the first of its kind--was established in 1995 to support the mission of Riggs and began as informal gatherings of former patients. Today, the Association is a national network of more than 1,000 former patients, former staff, and former trustees. Alumni support the institution through various gatherings and activities. For example, Austen Riggs Center alumni have played a pivotal role in promoting our work and supporting our mission through advocacy and philanthropy.

Alumni reconnect through updates in ARC News, alumni Reunions every three years, and other special projects or events. Additionally, alumni return to Riggs periodically to meet with current patients for discussions about the experience of leaving Riggs (Transitions meetings). Please join our Alumni Community for updates and news or visit the Questions and Answers about the Alumni Blog for more information. 

If you are a former patient, staff or trustee, and would like to join the Alumni Association, please contact Janet Hiser. Former patients become eligible to join one year after being discharged from Riggs and will receive a communication at that time, welcoming their joining  other alumni in this wonderful extension of the Riggs community.