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    Eric M. Plakun, MD, DLFAPA, FACPsych, Associate Medical Director and Director of Admissions

    The Psychotherapy Caucus of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) (approved by the APA Board of Trustees in December 2013) is the only place in the structure of the APA that represents psychotherapy as a crucial part of the training, identity and skills of psychiatrists. Brought to fruition by the APA Assembly’s Task Force on Psychotherapy, led by Riggs Associate Medical Director Eric Plakun, MD, and bolstered by Riggs psychiatrists Elizabeth Weinberg, David Flynn, Samar Habl and several non-Riggs psychiatrists, the Psychotherapy Caucus is an inclusive “big tent” forum, in which psychiatrists interested in any form of psychotherapy and psychosocial treatment may network and communicate with one another concerning areas of common interest and concern.

    David Mintz, MD, 2015 AAPDP Annual Conference Presenter

    Each year, Riggs psychiatrists attend, present and engage with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting and several other meetings organized around the APA Annual Meeting. This year, seven Riggs psychiatrists will be in Toronto, teaching, speaking and presenting on topics related to psychiatry, viewed through a psychodynamic lens. 

    The Merchant of Venice poster

    Each spring for the past decade or so, Riggs Theatre 37 has staged a work by Shakespeare. Out of several options Coleman brought to the patients this year, the one chosen for production was The Merchant of Venice

    Diaper Parade and Tag Sale poster

    Advocates and supporters of the Berkshire Community Diaper Project (BCDP), a joint project of the Erikson Institute of the Austen Riggs Center and the Berkshire Psychoanalytic Institute, will take to Main Street in Lee this Saturday, 8:30 am, for a "Diaper Parade" to raise money and awareness regarding diaper need. To join the parade, join the other advocates and supporters at 8:30am at the Town Hall in Lee. 

    The Science and Practice of Change poster

    The Fourth Annual Yale-Riggs Conference on Developmental Psychopathology, Family Process and Social Context, presented by the Yale University School of Medicine and the Erikson Institute of the Austen Riggs Center will be held Friday-Saturday, June 19-20, 2015 in New Haven, CT. The title of this year’s conference is The Science and Practice of Change: Contemporary Perspectives on Defining and Documenting Clinical Outcomes.

    Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP, President of Division 39

    One of the largest associations of psychoanalytic professionals and scholars in the world, Division 39 of the American Psychological Association (APA) has more than 3,000 doctoral level psychologists, graduate students and allied mental health professional members. 

    Jane G. Tillman, PhD, ABPP, Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research

    Last year at the 2014 FPS Spring CME Meeting, Riggs clinician David Mintz, MD, presented Meaning and Medication: The Psychodynamics of Effective Psychopharmacology. This year, Jane G. Tillman, PhD, ABPP, Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research of the Austen Riggs Center, will be presenting: Suicide Risk Assessment: State of the Art, Sunday, April 19, 2015, from 8:30 —10:00 am.  Suicide assessment is both a science and an art. Understanding the risk and protective factors associated with suicide, as well as having a systematic way of assessing the potentially suicidal patient will be the focus of this talk.

    Andrew J. Gerber, MD, PhD, Medical Director/CEO

    On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Austen Riggs Center, Lisa A. Raskin, PhD is pleased to announce that Andrew J. Gerber, MD, PhD, will be the next medical director/CEO for the Austen Riggs Center. Dr. Gerber will begin his appointment on July 1, 2015.

    APsaA 2015 National Meeting

    This January 14-18, APsaA will hold its 2015 National Meeting, bringing together more than 2000 attendees for five days of psychoanalytic programming, networking and stimulating content for mental health professionals, educators, researchers and students who are curious about psychoanalysis. Several clinicians from Riggs will be presenting and discussing a variety of topics this year.

    Austen Riggs Nursery School

    Now in the second year of its latest and reimagined form, the Austen Riggs Nursery School continues to be a lively, vibrant space for preschoolers to learn, explore and grow, developing a strong foundation that will carry them into kindergarten. Likewise, it is a space where patients at the Austen Riggs Center work as interns and aides, experiencing childhood through the lens of the nearly three year-old to six year-olds who attend the Nursery School. 


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